Our brand is much more than simply a logo, an image, or a tagline. It is the embodiment of our commitment to the lasting success of our customers and partners, and of our promise to deliver forward-looking technology solutions with proven quality, flexibilty and reliability.
DeltaQ is launching its rebranding as a proactive strategic move to reflect the exciting changes that we are undergoing as a company and the major developments in our product offering. In recent years, DeltaQ has enjoyed significant growth, increasing our customer base and expanding our global presence. In parallel, we have enhanced and enriched our products, adding new capabilities and embracing the technological advances sweeping through the plastic solutions industry.
DeltaQ rebranding provides a perfect opportunity to highlight our company values, the set of beliefs that guide and inspire us, and serve as key performance indicators (KPIs) for all activities at every level throughout our organisation. Our values determine the way we recruit and retain employees, the way we build and promote our product portfolio, and the quality of service and support we provide to our customers and partners.

Research, Development & Capital investment

Capital initiatives in this company are co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Ireland under the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020.

Aims: Investment in Capital Equipment

Results: Increased productivity and process improvement was achieved as a result of this investment.