A leading supply partner to the polymer processing industry for your masterbatch, compound & polymer requirements



DeltaQ provide a range of products across all 3 divisions to the medical device and diagnostic sectors.

  • Custom made colours using ingredients approved to FDA, European Pharmacopeia, and USP Class VI
  • A Range of Additive masterbatches including Anti Static, UV absorbers
  • Anti- microbial masterbatches- including grades to produce 99.9% reduction when tested according to ISO 22196
  • Combination masterbatches
  • Custom designed solutions to customers problem
  • Full range of carrier polymers including high temperature polymers

  • Pre coloured Compounds using ingredients approved to FDA, European Pharmacopeia and USP class VI
  • Barium, talc and calcium carbonate filled compounds
  • Tints and trans colours in a range of polymers
  • Compounds based on PP PE, PS, Acrylic, Nylon, ABS, ASA and many other polymers
  • Minimum order size 10 KGs
  • Standard Lead time is 5 working days
  • Specialist in compounding of tint and semi trans colours
  • A range of purge compounds available ex stock

  • Extensive range of polymers distributed
  • Specialist in transparent polymers including Cyrolite, Decelith, Starex, and Capilene grades for medical applications
  • A range of FDA European Pharmacopeia and USP class VI medically approved plastic grades
  • Local stocking