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Put your product to the test in our R&D testing lab.
Analyse properties such as Tensile, Flexural, Impact, Hardness, MFI, Moisture and more.
Measured to many international standards including ISO.

Tensile Characteristics

Tensile tests measure the force required to break a specimen and the extent to which specimen stretches or elongates to that breaking point, producing stress-strain diagrams used to determine tensile modulus.

Flexural Characteristics

The flexural test measures the force required to bend a specimen under three point loading conditions. Flexural modulus is used as an indication of a material’s stiffness when flexed and can be used to select materials for parts that will support loads without flexing.

Moisture Analysis

Analyse moisture and volatile content of polymer materials. Excessive moisture within the material can cause processing problems and degradation of the material.

Hardness Shore D

Determination of materials' resistance to indentation while a defined load is applied on specific area.

Melt Flow Index (MFI)

Determination of materials' flow behaviour at constant shear rate in grams per ten minutes.

Impact Characteristics

Defines materials notched or unnotched capacity to absorb energy after the force by a swinging pendulum is applied.

Density Characteristics

Measurement of the mass per volume of a plastic material as a ratio of the mass weight in air and water.

Morphological Analysis

Detailed view on morphological structure of polymers, deafects and particle characterization up to 5 um.

Customised Testing

We can test & compare a variety of non-standard specimens for a wide array of process and material problem solving.